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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Saturday At The Movies! They Said What!? Edition.

According to Barack Obama's version of the Bible, the commandment admonishing us to not be jealous of our neighbors is not actually in that Bible of ours at all. He read the Bible and decided that it means that Class Warfare is Okey Dokey. I have never been comfortable with either side of our political divide claiming divine will as being their province. Most importantly because it is my personal belief that none of us here are so wise as to know truly what God may or may not wish of the entire world as far as politics might be concerned, but it also indicates that there are no other arguments available to support one's positions. In other words, his economic policies may be insane, but it is clearly God's will, so insanity is the way to go.

Barack Obama's goal of raising $1 Billion in campaign funds, while it may seem aggressive, is actually chump change when compared to his actual vote buying power. $1 Billion is just what he wants to use to tell you how he will be spending $2.2 Trillion, each and every year, on his vote buying effort.

A Cato Institute commentary on fiat money, Barack Obama's proud venture into a program also embarked upon by Richard Nixon. An economic disruption that we felt long beyond 1969, the time when Richard Nixon turned those printing presses on. That disruption lasted until the mid 1980's. When considering that, Barack is printing currency on a scale that is over a thousand fold in magnitude greater than Nixon's idiocy.

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