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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Obamateurism! Part II

Words, as you might be able to guess seldom fail me.  It took a while to find my vocabulary after seeing this written in several sources yesterday.  At first, I thought it was a joke, hoax, out right fabrication, but it turned out to be true.  As an American Citizen, I am somewhat dismayed.  I should have realized that the Man who gave our soldiers the, "Courageous Restraint," medal, would also be capable of this.  What am I referring to you might ask, why it is the Obama, "Catch and Release Program." 

Is this a new fish and wildlife program?  Why no silly, it is Obama's Afghanistan War Strategy.  Digest that for a moment, then continue.  Ready?  Yes you read that correctly.  President Obama has ordered a standard period of time to hold Taliban POW's, and then they are to be released back to be productive members of Taliban Society.  If you need to take a break here, I'll understand.  Some of you may have family and/or friends who are serving in our military.  You may need to take even longer to proceed. 

Let's put this in context, shall we.  This is the war President Obama told us was the just and necessary war.  Where do you believe the released Taliban are going once released?  My bet would be that they are rejoining the battle against Americans.  Are captured Americans treated with similar respect?  Turns out the answer is no.  So we must be leading by example again.  Someone please let me know when the Kumbayah school of warfare shows results resembling positive.  This is plainly and simply beyond incompetence.  For this reason alone, this man deserves to be soundly defeated during his upcoming bid to remain our President.  After this, all debates about this office should end with, "Obama instituted the Catch and Release Program," for Taliban POW's 

Imagine if during WWII, German and Japanese troops were sent walking back to their units after each battle to take up arms with enemy forces again.  I believe that every Commanding Officer in Afghanistan deserves a Courageous Restraint Medal for not appearing all over the airwaves and revealing what an amateurish incompetent fool our President is.  What a slap in the face to America's armed forces.  We want you to defend our freedoms, often times in the most hostile and dangerous of environs, but we want you to conduct yourselves as British Policemen while you do it.  Oh, and one more thing, good luck, which by the way will be your only weapon. 

Investor's Business Daily has a great editorial on this.

It would appear as though we elected Brave Sir Robin President.

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