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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Time To Destroy The Israel As An Apartheid State Libel

This one is so laughably fallacious that the charge hardly seems worth so much effort. Reality can be a cruel mistress however, as there is something far more mendacious under the surface of this charge. It is that something, that has me far more worried than the laughably false claim itself.

Let's look at the Apartheid State claim, with respect to Israel itself. There is only one Democracy in the entirety of the Middle East. There is only one nation in the entire region where all of its citizens have their natural rights respected. There is one nation in the Middle East where all of its citizens have the right to own property, can vote, can walk freely in public, and are free to hold elective office should the other citizens deem it appropriate via ballot. There is only one nation in the Middle East that does not summarily execute homosexuals once outed, and indeed is the destination country where gays flee to, once that cat is out of the closet. Only one nation in the Middle East guarantees freedom of speech and press, and allows for all religions to be practiced freely within its borders. That nation is Israel.

Now, we'll let one of those Prager University Videos destroy the claim. Kenneth Meshoe, someone who actually lived through Apartheid's policies in South Africa, describes some of the finer points of why this claim is not only false, but evil in its scope.

Before we move on, let me just add that if the Prager University stuff is not on your regular play list or subscriptions list on youtube, it should be.

People believe this libel, mostly because they want it to be true, and that to me is far worse than the liable itself. In today's world, Antisemitism is looked down upon and even railed against as bigoted hatred. Unfortunately, there are many people who still harbor Antisemitic feelings, and will cling to any justification, regardless of how flimsy, for their feelings of Jew hatred, just under the surface.

The, "I can be Anti Israel without hating Jews," argument is a canard, and nothing more. I can respect the fact that no government is perfect, and no government constituted among men is beyond reproach, but that does not change some very basic facts on the ground here in the land called reality. Israel is held under a different microscope than any other nation on Earth for these people. She is not compared with her neighbors, all of which actually are Apartheid states. Israel is surrounded by neighbors who have decreed that all non Muslims do not have the right to vote, may not move about freely in public, may not own property, may not pray as they wish, and may not participate in the intimate relations between consenting adults that they choose. None of Israel's neighbors allow for women to walk about uncovered, drive cars, or even speak to men with whom they have no familial relationship.

Calling Israel an Apartheid State requires a level of willful blindness that goes beyond simple ignorance. It requires an unhealthy predisposition for Antisemitism. Yes, Israel has built walls and taken measures to keep Palestinians out. Most nations in the world have taken measures to secure their borders. Since many of Israel's neighbors have taken up the practice of planting bombs or even wearing bombs onto her streets, and detonating those bombs in the manner necessary to kill as many citizens as they can, I would call that measure a wise course of action. Egypt won't allow the Palestinians in their nation either, and in fact have taken to shooting any who try to enter Egypt without permission. Jordan has practiced the fine art of shooting all Palestinians who attempt to walk into Jordan as well. Yet, in both of these instances, the same bleeding hearts who bandy about the claims of Apartheid, remain silent.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Debunking Liberal Propaganda, One Lie At A Time.

I'm still working on that book of mine, so things will still be short this week. I'm making some good progress, I promise. As you may have guessed from the above title, the above graphic is not something with which I agree. In fact, seeing it last week caused coffee to shoot through my nose, necessitating the usage of a baby wipe to clean my capitalism produced relatively inexpensive flat screen monitor, which years ago replaced the television looking thing.

When ever the debate over Capitalism versus Socialism occurs, there is a sameness in the flow of arguments given. When the specter of Socialism ultimately causing untold misery, each and every time it's been tried finds itself raised, our friends from Scandinavia will be offered up as the refutation of that position. After all, Denmark has a $20 per hour minimum wage, stratospheric rates of taxation, free health care and consumer products, free education for any who wish to remain on Mommy's couch thus delaying the real world, and most importantly of all, a bona fide government regulation that actually places a cap on how productive any member of that lucky society is allowed to be.

When you hear this tripe, bear a couple of things in mind. One, Socialism in Denmark is relatively new. The Commies have only been in charge there since the mid 90's or so, and it did take about 80 years to bring the Soviet Union to its knees. Thanks to a very robust free market system existing for a few centuries in Denmark prior to Socialism rearing its ugly head. they had started this experiment in futility with a vast amount of wealth per capita available for cannibalization. Things are not quite so honky dory as the above graphic indicates they may be in Denmark. Her debt as expressed per capita and as a function of her GDP is at that same wonderful Grecian Level that caused massive riots there. Scariest of all, Denmark, as of this year, ranks two spaces ahead of the United States in terms of economic freedom. Even with those economically suicidal regulations placing the Danish economy in shackles, she is an economically freer society than what have have here.

Here are some helpful links for those who find themselves debating idiots who bring this nonsense up as proof that Socialism can work, if we only had the right group of people to place in charge of it all, or if we would just be willing to do it big enough.

Click here.

Click here.

Click here.

Click here.

Click here for the scariest of all.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Uncommon Knowledge: Liam Fox

From the youtube description:

In this episode of Uncommon Knowledge, Peter sits down with Liam Fox, member of Parliament and former secretary of state for defense, who also remains on every journalist’s short list of those most likely to one day become leader of the Conservative or Tory Party. Fox discusses many themes in his new book, Rising Tides, as well as current issues regarding the purpose of NATO, Scotland’s move for independence, and the conflicts in the Middle East.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Life And Thought Of Friedrich Hayek

Immediately after WWII, the U.S. Army hired two economists to advise them on how to get the German and Italian economies up and running sufficiently to have the conquered nations not require vast amounts of aid, necessary to prevent the starvation of their citizenry. F.A. Hayek and Milton Friedman worked together to give their economic expertise. Hayek was one of the major influences on Friedman's direction, which resulted in the 1976 Nobel Memorial Prize for Economics. Hayek spent the majority of his professional life being ridiculed by the ranks of academia. His, "discredited theories," turned out to be right. Tested over time, shown to be right time and again, most especially with the fall of the Berlin Wall, I'll still contend every now and again with some moron who refers to F.A. Hayek as outdated, or discredited. Now, unfortunately, we here in America seem hell bent upon once again proving Hayek's predictions of Socialism's inevitable end true.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Cryptozoologists Spot, "Conservative Democrats," In Kentucky, Kansas

We've had a few more sightings of Democrats who will do and say anything in an effort to attain electoral success during this midterm season. By doing and saying anything of course, I mean tell any lie and jettison completely their core beliefs in an all out effort to hoodwink voters who may or may not be paying full attention to the political world around them.

The message of course is that you can have fiscal and economic sanity, while still not pulling the lever for the knuckle dragging, bigoted, homophobic, Nascar loving, racist, rednecks. All you need do is believe that Unicorns roam the Earth, and viola, the, "Conservative Democrat," the political version of Big Foot becomes possible. This week, cryptozoologists have two more sightings to add to their list. Alison Grimes of Kentucky has aired her latest campaign ad complete with her firing off a rifle, claiming to lead an upcoming fight against EPA overreach, and promising to oppose President Obama and his clearly damaging domestic agenda. Of course, what she says in private, which according to her very own campaign staff, differs greatly from what she says publicly.

My personal favorite revelation from the Democrat operatives shown in the above videos is the belief amongst them all that voters who somehow feel that their ability to support their families are more important than supporting a Marxist takeover of our nation, are some how stupid for believing such. That sentiment is not at all relegated to the hick state South of Ohio. That my fellow gentle snow flakes is the prevailing core belief of the modern Democrat Party.

The next sighting comes to us from the great State of Kansas. It seems as though a Democrat there has had the good sense to actually change the name of his party affiliation in order to pull the wool over everyone's eyes. Greg Orman has claimed to be an independent, but just a small amount of actual digging by Guy Benson has put the lie to this bit of chicanery. As it turns out, Greg Orman has a long history of political and financial support being offered up to the farthest left elements from the Democrat Party. Apparently, his pledge to be a pox on both their houses is only half true.

The man who now stands as Roberts' only serious opposition is Greg Orman, a born-again "independent." According to polling, which is still unsettled in the wake of the ballot upheaval, Orman holds a single-digit lead over Roberts. Who is this guy? Put simply, he's a Democrat, despite his denials. He's donated thousands to Obama, Hillary Clinton and Harry Reid, but now he's playing games by declining to state which party he'd caucus with, if elected. That's not the only topic on which he's ducking and dissembling. Meet the candidate who won't tell voters what he stands for:

Greenlight the Keystone XL pipeline? Orman said he doesn’t have enough information to say yes or no. What about gun control? He said gun restrictions should be “strengthened” but would not specify whether he backs an assault-weapons ban. And on the biggest question of all — Would he caucus with Democrats or Republicans? — Orman insists he’s not sure.


Is there any doubt where this man's sympathies lie? Greg Orman is a liberal Democrat who's temporarily peddling a message of nonpartisan, solutions-oriented independence. His goal is to conceal his agenda and ideology just long enough to run out the clock and knock off an incumbent who's slumbered his way through much of the campaign.

Also worthy of note in the case of Greg Orman is the fact that he's previously run for the Senate in Kansas. If you've guessed that he's previously been the Democrat Nominee from that State, then you'd be correct. He's being funded by the Democrat DSCC, and coincidentally, that very group of Party Aparatchiks had pressured the official nominee from their own party to drop out, so that they might be able to pull this trick off in their attempt to unseat Pat Roberts.